About Us

We are BETA X. A community of artists, makers, designers, researchers, thinkers and innovators. Our door and mind is open for ideas, conversation and change. Our mission is to create, make and solve problems whilst improving the environment for the benefit of its people. Our culturally, cognitively and positively diverse community works together to share ideas and best practices.  Regeneration, reanimation and reimagine are the pillars that support our appetite and beliefs. 

Community Values

1. Open Door

Our community can only work and flourish if it represents a tapestry of tastes, colours, cultures and thoughts.

2. Edge

Encourage our community to stay on the edge of their practice. The outer ring is where evolution and adaptation occur. 

3. Transfer

Ideas, solutions and best practices should flow like water through our network.

4. Protect

Conserve and consider our impact on both our immediate environment and the ecosystem on this planet. Protecting people, places and biodiversity.